LeaderTask SyncService

The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please review the Service Description.

This web service does not conform to WS-I Basic Profile v1.1.

Please examine each of the normative statement violations below. Follow the recommendations to remedy it, or add setting to the <webServices> config section to turn off BP 1.1 conformance warnings for the entire vroot.

To turn off BP 1.1 conformance warnings for the entire vroot remove the 'BP1.1' value from the <conformanceWarnings> section of the configuration file of your application:

        <remove name='BasicProfile1_1'/>

R2105: All xsd:schema elements contained in a wsdl:types element of a DESCRIPTION MUST have a targetNamespace attribute with a valid and non-null value, UNLESS the xsd:schema element has xsd:import and/or xsd:annotation as its only child element(s).
- schema from service description with targetNamespace='https://sync.leadertask.net/'.
Recommendation: Please examine your schema definitions and add explicit targetNamespace attribute. Requiring a targetNamespace on all xsd:schema elements that are children of wsdl:types is a good practice, places a minimal burden on authors of WSDL documents, and avoids the cases that are not as clearly defined as they might be.

For more details on Basic Profile Version 1.1, see the Basic Profile Specification.